Client Brief

The Design Brief: Selling them their business

  • Name Ideas
  • Possible Tagline and/or Positioning Statements
  • Full Description of Business/Product/Service
  • Audience Profile / Description
  • More about what this product/service is/does.
  • Prelim. ideas for Look and Feel
  • Possible Vehicles of Delivery

Other things you might give the client:

  • Specifications / Project Scope
  • Timeframe
  • Prelim. Schedule
  • Budget

Things to consider for each / What to look at

Innovative new business idea: Differentiation…look at one or two competitors and do a comparison; What makes this product unique and how do you sell that; Come up with some positioning statements/taglines; more worked out visuals and ideas for product rollout; work out audience profiles a bit more.

Sustainable Product:  More full explanation of what makes this product sustainable at all levels, from the product itself to the design and packaging; Find some examples of existing products to draw ideas from; How are you positioning this product in the marketplace—why is it important for people to have and who should have it; more worked out visuals and ideas for product rollout.

Public Service:  Give greater depth to what the issue is—give it some emotion; Why should people care? Find some examples of campaigns that you can take ideas from; taglines; visuals; What is important here is knowing the issue and how people can really make a difference

Some Resources:

AIGA Design & Business / AIGA Design Brief Info.
IGA is a great resource for working designers. Find the latest information about anything from sustainability to information about working with clients.

Ad Council
Here you will find examples of Public Service Campaigns supported by the Ad Council. May find some inspiration here for you Public Service idea.

A working design agency that focuses much of their work on public service and does great design work.

Another one out of Chicago.

The Urban Forest Project
One example of a project from the Worldstudio.

Some sustainable examples:

Sustainable is Good

The Dieline


Green by Design

Gordon’s Sustainable Design Resource List


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