Think Marketing / Do Your Research as Such!

As communicators and graphic designers, we aren’t necessarily in the world of being practical. We are the big thinkers, thinking outside of the box and coming up with cool new ways to put our clients above the fold. We need to do our research and find out what’s been done, how it’s been done well, and poorly, and how we can do it better. We need to be positive and sell these new cool ideas in new ways, while still maintaining our morals.

The Business Itself: What does it do? What does it look like?

Find the competitor that you most want to be like and put yourself above them. What do they look like?

Don’t point out what people are doing wrong but find examples of what people have done right and point out why that’s proven successful…then do it better!

Look at these writings and worksheets about value propositions…it tells you more than just about how to approach value propositions but how to come up with successful marketing programs.

Who is the audience? and what do they look like? and what do the things they use, etc. look like.





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