Visual Research 1


Line:Perspective 1I found this interesting as the horizontal lines add give more depth to the image in a very simplistic way

Line:Perspective 5

I found the use of line and perspective in the use of 3D illusion do be very interesting and just really cool to look at!

Texture 3

I really enjoy this piece. Even with the use of Legos and it’s unique texture, we can all still obviously make out what this is!

BothI enjoy illusions with line a lot! I was drawn towards this image because of how with the simple use of curves, you can make something really cool.

Line:Perspective 4

This poster literally shows buildings drawn in line/point persecutive. I thought it was a pretty interesting way to get the message across as well!

Texture 1

I really like the message of this poster as well as the importance of the texture! Very well done.

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