Visual Research

I like how this designer used folded paper to create dimension and texture. 42847159a3f0646a2f4e0241c8e5bc09

This artist used scale to create a strong image.  like how there are minimal colors except for some words and the bright yellow stripe at the bottom.e38b6a024ae0e47255ad1a301c4c6a6f

This designer also used scale to create whimsical and compelling images411e61d52587ce0a6e208b7587ffee0e

This poster has a focal point and uses a tree stump to represent a record player.


This design used lines to create interesting textures and shapes. I like how the designer created the white shape on the left to correlate to the shapes the lines make. 2fc767edd81936de34d82bb61b629706

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