Blog 1 – Jan 22 2014

Blog 1 - Texture


This image represents texture. Although when you touch this picture you would only feel the surface it is printed in the designs in this image are very gestural. You see patterns and different sizes of lines. Some come across as smooth and other areas look rigged and rough. Having different shapes and patters is a good way to show texture.



Blog 1 - Point


This represents point. There is texture in this image as well the the focal point of this image are the two white lines that mean in the center to forum a point.



Blog 1 - Line



This image represents plane. Line is also shown but the lines meet in the  center and fall down to the bottom edge of the image. This shows different shades on the planes that are formed from the lines in the image.


Blog 1 - Scale


This image represents scale. By having the person behind the poster you get a sense of scale to how big the head on the poster is. If we were to just see a photograph on the poster we may this the head and the poster itself is very small.


Blog 1 - LineThis image represents line. The use if many different lines in fact. The lines of different colors were places together in a way to make an abstract image.

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