Plane. Line. Point. Texture. Scale.

PLANEThis image has a really flat plane but the numbers on the page really pop out of the poster and give the image some depth. The three dimensional effects of the numbers also give this design some texture. They almost look like they could be touched and you could easily feel the cardboard that they are made of.

gd ex1This image represents line. Line gives shape to the mountain, sun, and water in this poster. The use of line goes will with the type in this deisgn and is paired well with the subtle color palette.

1 pt perspectiveThe one point perspective of this piece makes the focal point of this piece obviously clear. The walls all converge together and your eye is instantly drawn to the strong graphic of the man and the robot in the middle.

texture 2This is my favorite of the images that I have found. I like how the mountains are all laid on top of each other and layered with lots of color. The natural textures of the mountains is paired beautifully with the smooth pattern of the triangles that they are placed in.

scaleI like the dramatic scale of the eyes in this image. The colors are subdued and the image is kind of cloudy but the large eyes that the girl is holding over her face make you want to look twice at this design.

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