Point. Line. Plane. Texture. Scale.


hollisthorntonpointThe skull exemplifies the point concept by being the only focus of the work. It is centered and stands out from everything else a great deal.

LINEhanswaerner  Line is the main component of this design, the multicolored cords connect to the black figure in the center which mimics the lines found outside the object.


dragonplaneThis dragon is made up of shapes that are all floating in space at different orientations than one another. The shapes would be considered to be on different planes exemplifying the concept.


dirtyvegasI found the smooth and in some cases reflective quality of the girls face to be interesting and different than other texture examples which i why i chose this work.


raphaeldevisserscaleScale turns in what case would seem just like a mass of concrete closer up. To something visually impacting by shooting the airport from a distance via an aerial view.


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