Type and Image

Blog 2 - Beard

For this image the use of type is one of the key elements.  The text is placed where a beard would normally go on a face, and the loose swirly line help to indicate a beard even though there is not an actual beard. To clearly get help the viewer understand the text actually says beards.

Blog 2 - Hand


The text in this image is powerful because it is placed in the hand. Mercy means to have compassion or forgiveness toward someone. A lot of times when you are showing someone compassion people will give them a huge and a pat on the back, or hold their hand, or rub their arm. Hand gestures are a big part in showing mercy and placing the text within the hand helps show that. Also the fount is warm and friendly versus blocky and bold. This helps show display a welcoming message.

Blog 2 - Ice Cream


For this image the text is not as important as the image, that is why it is place smaller at the bottom. The image is larger to grab people’s attention and let them interrupt what they want but then to make sure everyone is understanding there is the text at the bottom. The simple thin font helps so the text is not distracting from the image. BLog 2 - Neighbors

This image is based mainly on the text. It is designed with different font and font sizes to make the poster appealing. The different colors and the where each word is placed allow the view to read it easily. The font is centered and larger than any of the graphics.

Blog 2 - Not NewFor this image there is only text being used. There are no graphics but to me this poster is still appealing for a few reasons. In stead of four words in a line the words are stacked and the letters are warped to fit together like a puzzle. This makes me stop and look because this is not the normal way letters and words are usually used. The different colors for each word make the image readable. I believe this is a strong way to use text but in a fun way.



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