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Flip the last Jeep ad to see how clever it is!

The majority of these adds were taken from a great source for good advertisement!

Technology Advertisement : V



This ad communicates to the youth or to the parents/grandparents looking to buy something for their kid. With bright colors, a music video displayed on the screen, and the girl being in a position common to a teenager sitting on a chair or couch, it’s obviously directed at a certain audience.

Technology Advertisement : IV



It’s incredible how recognizable some images are among a culture and how little language is needed to actually communicate a powerful message. People waited years for this moment, and when it came all they simply needed was the highly recognized band along with the words “Now on iTunes” and the iconic apple. This is a great example of simplistic advertisement, perfect for a billboard!

Technology Advertisement : III



I know this is an old poster for Macintosh, but I love the vintage look they applied with the riding glove. I like to think that in this ad the riding glove spoke to an older generation as well as the generation that was growing up with Apple. It could communicate to an older generation that it’s a user-friendly computer that even they could use. I think that riding glove also gives it a sense of class, and beauty to every generation.

Technology Advertisement : II



People will always want the slicker, newer, thiner, faster device. Apple shows this off beautifully, with a great use of positive and negative space. Looking at it from a distance, it looks like an apple core! I think the general use of naked human hands communicates to the viewer that anyone can get their hands on it, and that it’s light-weight.

Technology Advertisement : I




I think in today’s world, designers agree that simplistic design suits technology advertisement very well. People want something user-friendly. This ad sums that up very well and before it’s time too! I think this ad is extremely ahead of it’s time and I think it’s interesting that Mac is already, at this point, using simply the apple as image.



Food Advertisement : V



This ad is for “Tour De Farms” a 30-mile bike ride, to promote organic farms in Wisconsin. I love the combination of bike helmets and pea pods, it brings unity to the viewer in a slightly comical way. I love the texture, the use of color, along with the typeface. It really binds the concept all together nicely.

Food Advertisement : IV



Who doesn’t want to eat bread that’s fresh out-of-the-oven, soft and yet crispy on the outside? This ad gives you that sense of comfort. It’s telling you that when you buy this bread you are buying a little piece of heaven, and you’re buying something guaranteed to live up to you’re standards…