Inspiration Text & Image

I'm Still Here Poster - Internet Movie Poster Awards Gallery

The text on this poster is a little harder to read because parts of the letters are missing, but I find it interesting!

coqueterías - baubauhaus: via

This poster really inspires me because the word “the” is implied from the design and placement of the birds.

The Beginning Is Near – occuprint

I also like this, because for one of my design I liked the idea of placing text right on the image

tumblr_l8u5joNG7U1qa4ub3o1_400.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 351x500 pixels)

I liked the way the text is placed on this poster because it is very easy to read and the bold large text on the bottom makes a statement

Flyerfolio – A showcase for awesome flyer designs» Blog Archive » Save Trees Save Earth

The image on here is much larger than the text so you get an idea that the image is more important than the text, or you can get the message through the image, rather than having to read a bunch of text.

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