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Post 2: Mostly Memes




Protesters try to break through police lines near the presidential administration building during a rally held by supporters of EU integration in Kievsochi_2014_mountains





Type Examples

4912541807_qW7gFKv0_l 4912545100_vrpC5D3i_l 16059202744_5CD71rC2_l 173827371681_KEKCu5BV_l 241993517269_SQpy51q6_l example one

Text and Image

Text and Image

This image uses type that has been taken apart, however the type is still pretty clearly legible, and it makes the image more interesting.

Text and Image 2

This image uses a special type character, and its negative space, to show the title.

text and image 3

This image uses different colors of font to make an image in the background from the type itself.

text and image 4

This image uses type and line to create the outline of a shirt on the figure in the front.

text and image 5

This image plays with the type so that it looks like it has been cut out of paper, like the text itself says.

Type & Image


I think that this is a wonderful example of type as image, the title is “Let’s talk type” and the artist skillfully integrates type into the work to demonstrate this.



I think that this is a great example as type & image because it playfully shows the space between letters and makes us question boundaries.


I think that this is an amazing image/text homage to the Joker from Batman. The typography and the image it creates all capture the madness that is the Joker.


I think that this is an interesting mix of type and graphic to not just tell us to wash our hands but to show us this as well!


This is a very obvious mix of text and image and one might think it overly simple and uninteresting. However I think it is a good example of how text and image can go hand in hand, there can be no text here without the image and vice versa.








I love the message in general. The picture as a whole reminds me of a hopeless city scape were jobs are hard to find and life is harder. The moon makes me think that creatures of the night are looking at those words and finding hope in it. Like many designers today I’m a sucker for vintage-like typefaces. I think the font is fitting.





Handwritten typeface is beautiful to my eyes and I love how it’s done in this piece! The balance in also unbelievable.





This typeface made out of wood grain texture is beautiful. It’s an unusual combination of color and is a blocky font with no holes inside the letters. It stood out to me right away. I love that in this case the image is inside the text.





For an idea talking about death, this piece is perfection. It’s a perfect color combination of 75% black and 25% white. The line is straight and edgy. The image is a combination of line and positive/negative space. The text goes along with the image beautifully. It has straight lines and is almost boxy but balanced. Great example of image and text.





A minimalist example of letterpress. It’s an elegant and charming practice. The Capital letters make it even seem bold even though there’s not even color, shadows are our friend in this case! I love the minimalist take, I love the simplicity.

Text and Image Integration

controller with type

I like how the controller wire creates the word “rad” and merges text with image.

tiger nuts

I think the design of this peanut bag is brilliant with it’s use of text to create the face of a tiger.

things made of type

This image uses text to create a scene. It uses text to create all of the objects in a cool and interesting way.

she used to be a dime

I like how the text is folded just like the paper is and the text integrates seamlessly into the image.

never settle for good enough

The text and image go together well in this image.

Type and Image

This is a great poster design that integrates type and image. The empty space is used well and the diagonals make it more dynamic.

image 1

This example is one of my favorites. Its so minimal yet super detailed with the image to the side and the font popping out diagonally.

image 2

The type with this image works so great because it followed the geometric shapes.

image 3

The simplicity of this poster is great because the entire page is an image and then type snuck inside.

image 4

This example is even simpler yet so effective. The type follows the shape of the helmet.

image 5

Image & Text


The type integration with this design is perfect. Using the type in the form of a sail is genius!


The type integration in this design is simple but very dramatic. It get the point across and is very well done.


The type integration in this design is used very well. Making the the letters actually looking like shaving cream and incorporating them into the design was a great choice.


The type integration within this design is very well done. Just a simple “mask” that substitute the “a” still gets the message across and is interesting to look at!


This one I liked because of its use of lines to show motion. With that integrated with the text and the helmet it makes for a great design!