I love the message in general. The picture as a whole reminds me of a hopeless city scape were jobs are hard to find and life is harder. The moon makes me think that creatures of the night are looking at those words and finding hope in it. Like many designers today I’m a sucker for vintage-like typefaces. I think the font is fitting.





Handwritten typeface is beautiful to my eyes and I love how it’s done in this piece! The balance in also unbelievable.





This typeface made out of wood grain texture is beautiful. It’s an unusual combination of color and is a blocky font with no holes inside the letters. It stood out to me right away. I love that in this case the image is inside the text.





For an idea talking about death, this piece is perfection. It’s a perfect color combination of 75% black and 25% white. The line is straight and edgy. The image is a combination of line and positive/negative space. The text goes along with the image beautifully. It has straight lines and is almost boxy but balanced. Great example of image and text.





A minimalist example of letterpress. It’s an elegant and charming practice. The Capital letters make it even seem bold even though there’s not even color, shadows are our friend in this case! I love the minimalist take, I love the simplicity.

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