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Food Advertisement: I



This advertisement caught my eye specifically because my favorite vegetable is an artichoke (I just love it’s symmetrical, flower-like shape). This is a campaign for an International Peace Day that happened Sept 21st, 2012. It was an attempt at a social movement, aimed to join conflicting people through a celebration of food. An interesting concept I find to be exceptional. I love the simplistic design, colors and use of typefaces. I also love how they compare food to weapons, which is visually interesting in itself.

because I love it so much… (Here’s another)









This ad by Mazda uses the road to make a bow, showing that the road is the best gift you can give.


This ad by Absolut Vodka displays its new product No Label, displayed against a similar colored background showing off the new non-labeled bottle.


This ad by Orange shows it’s internet is the fastest by putting the orange character in front of the others, and by making it larger than the rest.


This IBM ad uses negative space to demonstrate the text.


This ad is about true color, showing that the color is the same as the fire truck red.


This Lego ad uses the shadow of the legos to show what it is.


This ad from Newport uses text to explain that Newports are colder than cool.


This ad uses the product to create an image, making it appear like fireworks, and saying happy new year.


This ad takes something that we commonly see on boxes, and turns it into a message.


This ad shows the effects cigarettes have on water, by showing the butts inside the dead fish.

Text and Image


This image uses an apple and the carved out pieces to create images into shapes of letters that spell out the word “vegan”.



This image uses a ton of words colored differently throughout the image to create a mosaic type of portrait of Angelina Jolie.

Love-2This image uses the shapes of weapons like guns, grenades, knives, and bullets to ironically spell out “Love” and create a strong message to the viewer.

Photo-Letter-Art-BW-HOME-Hancock-Gift-Shoppe-Pleasant-Grove-UTThe photographer went out and took pictures of things in the outside world that looked like letters and arranged them to spell out “HOME” and is an idea used over and over and has become a large trend for  people to use for decoration.switched_emoticonsWe never realize that we always use text images in everyday life when we text emoticons to our friends as a form of expression.



3126481_WURST_Bun Ad_AVE.inddAd that not only shows a detailed close up view of a brat and bun that look so good I want one right now but also makes a funny connection to Valentines Day.



working_2400 studying_aotw playing_2400Another group of ads that make me hungry! Once again the focal point is the appetizing and detailed food but makes a statement on how it’d good whether you’re working, studying, or playing.



club2Very pretty advertisement that uses text to finish the image of a club shandy bottle. Draws you in and makes you want to read.



arrow_1_2400Tech ad that shows how one touch of the screen can get the ball moving on a cause. Playful and interesting to look at. Your eyes move well around the image.



hovis-valentineCute ad for Hovis bread. Very simple with the all white background and plate really creating a focus on the heart shaped bread with the red jelly to help connect it to valentines day.



pia-chocoholics2_aotwUsing a play on words and a captivating image of a champagne glass with chocolate milk, this ad does a good job of getting the readers attention. It really sets a good mood too with the darker more intimate background.



it-can-even-park-in-your-mailboxThese paper cars were put in mailboxes so when the person went to get their mail a cute little smart car was “parked” in their small slot — showing that smart cars can fit in any parking spot. Very cute and clever idea.



hiltlhamburgeraotw hiltlcordonaotwThis vegetarian company was simple and to the point with a close up of what seems to be a hamburger or cordon blue but tells you it is not.. leaving you a little confused and makes you read the little print to find out why. I also love the style with the more hand written font and illustrated food.



wilkinson_smooth_valentines_dayAnother Valentines Day ad that is selling Wilkinson Sword razors. Good design with the cartoon looking hairy heart and cartoonish font. Simple and to the point!



05_140402_ff_locator_a3_hoch_1_tomate_vv_eng_aotw 02_140402_ff_locator_a3_hoch_1_garnele_vv_eng_aotw 01_140402_ff_locator_a3_hoch_1_lachs_vv_eng_aotwThis ad promotes food that is true to its origin. Forming the food to the upside-down tear shape we all know and love from our mapping apps connects the ad to todays technology and interests the audience. — This reminded me a lot of our last project.