Text and Image


This image uses an apple and the carved out pieces to create images into shapes of letters that spell out the word “vegan”.



This image uses a ton of words colored differently throughout the image to create a mosaic type of portrait of Angelina Jolie.

Love-2This image uses the shapes of weapons like guns, grenades, knives, and bullets to ironically spell out “Love” and create a strong message to the viewer.

Photo-Letter-Art-BW-HOME-Hancock-Gift-Shoppe-Pleasant-Grove-UTThe photographer went out and took pictures of things in the outside world that looked like letters and arranged them to spell out “HOME” and is an idea used over and over and has become a large trend for  people to use for decoration.switched_emoticonsWe never realize that we always use text images in everyday life when we text emoticons to our friends as a form of expression.

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