Visual Examples of Food and Tech Products


This ad caught my eye because the actual message is actually applied into the design. And it’s also ironic. Very well done.


I like how the designer used the empty space of where a slice of pizza was cut out to display the message. As well as all the different fonts makes it very interesting.


I like this ad how the food takes over almost the entire page. I also like how the type reflects all the different colors in the biscuit sandwich


I like how simple this ad is. Just showing the product  and saying a few words. Lots of empty space


Signature Apple ad. Show the product, say what it is and have a phrase. I really like the simplicity of their ads. Very clean


I thought this add was pretty clever. It gets the message across with very little.

mcrib return

Show the product and say it’s only for a limited time. Pretty good ad strategy!


I like how this ad for Phonebloks shows how the phone is made. It shows all the parts and gets the message across.


Another simple ad. Show the product and sum it all up in one sentence. Again very clean


I found this ad interesting. With all the type in bubbles having arrows pointing out things on the image.

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