Daily Archives: February 14, 2014

Advertising poster


This is an ad for juice extractor, I really like it because it shows the explosion after the fruit put in the machine.


This is an interesting ad design, it is an ad for oil, I like how the raw food drop in to the oil, and a very golden healthy look food jumping out.


This ad I think is really interesting because Pepsi and Coca Cola are always “enemy”. The theme of this ad’s is halloween, and the cloak have Coca Cola’s logo on it, but inside is Pepsi.


This is an ad for juice. I like the overall idea, it’s simply. This shows the natural source for carrot without any bad formula, make consumer wants to buy them and drink it.


I think Heinz’s advertising is always interesting to look at. I like there simplicity, natural and  clean feeling. Ketchup = real tomato.


Sony’s ad is all about music, by putting famous people with the headphone, looks very dramatic.


This is the same series of ad that Jennifer showed in class. Instead, this is hotdog, help him find the way out.


This ad is just amazing. We all know that 3M is famous for tapes. The roller with cat on it, I think it is straight forward and we all know cat’s hair falls out quickly.


This is an ad for yoga. It talks about how yoga can reduce stress.



Here is another ad from Heinz. Ketchup=real tomato. I just love the idea.




This advertisement us an eaten burger to symbolize as the crescent moon and tells the viewer that Burger King is now open late just by having the moon shaped burger.


Fast food corporations have been using athletes as ways to attract buyers for years now, above is an example of when McDonalds used LeBron James as a way to target fans by saying “LeBron James eats McDonalds”.


Another example of celebrity advertisement, this time they used Paris Hilton in a Carl’s Junior commercial to make the food look “attractive”.


This image brings a festive feel to the advertisement by shaping the fries into a Christmas tree and saying “Merry Christmas”.


This advertisement tells what they’re based on the picture but then you see the small text in the corner and then you fully know what they’re saying. It’s a very clever advertisement.


This image has a nice center point and motion to the ad.


Even though the can on the left doesn’t have a name you can tell by the colors and the middle stripe it’s Coke and this advertisement is stating which soda is the better one.


This is a creative advertisement because there is no text just imagery and you can tell by the image what they’re trying to get across to the viewer.


I found this advertisement to be very intriguing, it combines both food and technology and uses it in a clever way. The ad uses some clever wording and funny imagery.


Another clever advertisement from Apple, again using clever wording and clever imagery to get the viewer’s attention.