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With project 3 I’m going to look at College and what you need to make it/succeed.



Then I decided to change my subject to something I am a little more knowledgable and passionate about: Inline Skating and training. So I came up with “How to Prepare for an Inline Marathon”.



I looked at a few different styles of icons and symbols for inspiration – all pretty simplistic.



Icon Inspiration

icon inspiration

2348716709069_7j0Ru0Sw_lI like the way these icons are designed and the colors that are used.


Icon Research

icons4For my icons Im planning on going with the theme of inspiration. I really like how this example directly relates to what Im doing. I like how everything has a unified appearance and is arranged carefully together into the shape of a brain to show this person’s interests.

icons2I like the design of these objects-they may be too refined for what the assignment asks but I like the little picture of the iphone and ipad. Technology is something that inspires me and this has given me a few ideas as to how I’m going to represent that.

icons3These also may be too detailed for what we are doing but I like the uniformity in each animal and would like to be able to reproduce something like this in my project.

icons1I really enjoy the simplicity in these forms. They are all each very recognizable and I want to make sure to achieve this with my icons. I also like how they are all related and want to figure out a way to do that with mine as well.

Project 3 | Sketches & Visual Research


rough sketch of some icon ideas

IMG_0222IMG_0223IMG_0224Visual Research: I like all the simplicity of these icons, I want to keep my icons simple to give them a unified appearance.

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