Project 3 Design Process

I started the design process by brainstorming different ideas on what I could make my book about.


I then picked a topic (How to Lose a Guy) and created brain maps. I made two – one for indirect methods, and one for direct methods.



Next, I narrowed down the brain map into the topics that I wanted to use as icons, and sketched different ideas.



Next, I laid sketched a rough layout of my pages and decided I was going to make a 7×7 book and use the square grids that are given on inDesign.


After deciding on a layout, I turned my brain map in to a list of important overall topics and subtopics in order to organize what I wanted to say.


Finally, I finalized my icons and picked fonts and color schemes to work with for my book.


Here is the final project!! I am really happy with how it turned out.

IMG_20140415_092542_851 IMG_20140415_092557_260 IMG_20140415_092608_874 IMG_20140415_092619_917

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