Be a superhero MoodBoards

Mood Boards

I am doing the topic of being a superhero by volunteering and doing good in the community. This campaign is geared towards teens and their adult supervisors. I am going to go with the Art Deco theme/style but mix in the comic book/pop art colors of GREEN,YELLOW,BLUE,RED. I am going to use flat and simple shapes with wide and thin font styles. I plan on making a superhero sillouette with the rays of lights coming from behind it. I want the poster to have a broadway feeling to appeal to the older viewers. Some examples of added materials in my packaging are: trading cards, buttons, markers, water bottle, sticker check list. etc. I may use a shadow box as my main packaging that holds everything together. That way the audience can see what goodies they get with the package. My information handout will be in a movie admission ticket. I will experiment with several different types of advertisment styles.

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