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Mood Boards

Campaign: Bees and Butterflies
Audience: Gardeners living in a variety of different areas. Typically women between the ages of 30 and 50.



For this first mood board I wanted to go for an arts and crafts movement type feel. I really enjoy the look of how the water colors interact with the black lines of the drawings that are incorporated with it. I wanted fonts that worked well together but also provided a lot of contrast. For a header I picked a script font, Signerica (Fat), and a sans serif font in two different weights, Futura (Bold and Light), to be used for subheadings and body copy. The colors I chose are very feminine, to help appeal to the female audience it is aimed towards. I also included some promotional pieces that I want to look into creating. These include bags to hold the seeds or tags for pouches of seeds.





With this mood board, I wanted to go for an organic feel that touches on the art nouveau movement as well as some Swiss design. I like the interaction of the drawings with the real leaves in the top right hand corner. I also enjoy how the solid color of the paper makes the drawings stand out in the bottom left image. When deciding fonts, I wanted something that went with the organic, nature feel that I was looking for. I chose Brian Flower as a header and either Orator STD or Bodoni BE for body copy or sub headers. For this color scheme I chose colors in the primary color families with a feminine touch in order to appeal to the female audience I am targeting.



For this last board, I wanted to change it up a bit and go for a clean, natural feel, so I decided to go with a Swiss design. This type of design would make it easy to organize information and would make sure that it doesn’t get too cluttered. For colors I chose ones with cool tones to them, but are still have an earthy and elegant feel. When thinking about fonts, I wanted ones that had a nice contrast with each other, but were still classic looking. I chose 3 different fonts, and they are Didot (Bold), Orator Std, and Futura (Bold).





Simple, Playful, Clean

Organic, Playful colors

Simplicity of the Bauhaus, The organic shapes of Art Nueveau

Floral pattern to show organic while keeping the playful colors



playful, clean, simple, bold

Bold colors to make a statement

Boldness of the Russian Modernism

Rectangles similar to the Russian Modernist posters



Earthy, Dark, Solid

Deep organic colors

Bauhaus for Simplicity or type and combining it with image

Circular patters

My Moodboards







Campaign: DoGood and volunteer to do good things, making you a Super Hero

Personality: Motivated, Caring and Outgoing.

Tagline ideas: 1) “It starts with you”

2) “Be a SuperHero”

3) “Make a difference”

Colors: more warmer tones like the one in my second mood board.

Type:  • Feuerfeste (Round)
• Solothurn (Simplistic)
• Alba (Playful)

Movement: Very dynamic because I’m going towards the idea of promoting and going out and doing something. Making it more eye catchy.

Moodboard 1


Movement/Style: Russian Constructavism

Moodboard 2

Movement/Style: Bauhaus

Moodboard 3Movement/Style: International Swiss Style