Daily Archives: April 27, 2014

Mood board

Moodboard Moodboard2 Moodboard3

I am picking this one because i think it is very neutral. I know the picnic feel already is its own kind of time and era. I also want to keep the dark colors brown or charcoal ish. I think this having to be in a rural area the colors are going to be the best.


Project 4 Moodboards




Modern Mood Board2

I like how this one turned out. The way the colors work together with the font and the texture is very interesting.
I think this is the one that I will uses my group like it the most out of all three of mine.
I plan on using the round bee shape (stamp) on all of my seed packets! I think it will add value to them.

Pop Art Mood-board

Pop Art~ Will not do my project justice.

Post Impressionism Mood Board

This would have been fun as well but not for my age range…. Women 30-50 years young!

Products Ideas


This is an idea on how I predict  my final products coming out. The texture is working well with this!