I have decided to do the project topic “LESS” which promotes a less wasteful lifestyle to help the world. Here are my moldboards.


First I decided to look at the Arts & Crafts Movement because it gives off a vintage feel which ties in to the concept of reusing old clothes or furniture. I like the folk/cottage-y feel it could really help inspire the audience and give them an overall vibe of the whole project. I also really like the decorative borders. The box for my kit could be printed or carved in a way similar to the cabinet in the moodboard.




Next I looked at Bauhaus style and more specifically Jan Tschichold’s work. I love the simple and faded yet bold and geometric feel. It pops but in a very reserved way. The clean and simple look fits perfectly with the clean cut “green” lifestyle LESS promotes. I’m also a sucker for pink, red, and a lightly textured background. What’s there not to love?!




Lastly I looked to Herbert Matter for some inspiration. His wild textures and graphics with bold fonts create very interesting and visually appealing designs. However I don’t think it will work particularly well with my LESS promo kit. I will for sure keep his style in mind for future projects.


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