final project

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I did my final project on the Bees and Butterflies and designed my package with the arts and crafts movement in mind. In order to achieve this, I worked with a lot of floral patterns and botany because designers from the arts and crafts era worked with flora in order to create patterns and wallpaper. I normally sketch out my illustrations on the computer with a wacom tablet. From there, I will sketch layout ideas and figure out the best solution. There are many components to my project. First, I designed and illustrated an informational booklet that explains what the kit is about. From there, I made postcards, a traveler coffee mug, a journal, sketchbook, and even included seed packets so the person receiving the kit can start their garden. I made each piece cohesive by using the same colors and illustrations yet made them different by changing up the illustration styles. I also included cloth, clothespins, and twine that ties the pieces together and unifies them. Ultimately, I really enjoyed this project and had a lot of fun creating each of the pieces.

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