Mood Boards for Promo Packaging









This campaign focuses on creating gardens to help promote environments for bees and butterflies. Since the campaign is aimed at woman age 30-50, I wanted to create packaging that would appeal to this age group with a style that was either have a luxurious appearance or an organic outdoors feel.

For my first mood board I used the historical influence of art Deco to create a style that was more classy looking with a black, gold, and white color scheme. I thought it would be interesting to use packaging that didn’t look like something for gardening but instead, something you could find in a high end department store.


For my Second Mood board, I used the historical influence of Art Nouveau to create a more organic look. I thought the color scheme of pinks and creams and floral patterns gave it a more feminine feel and would appeal to an older audience of women.





For my last mood board I also went with the historical influence of Art Nouveau. For this one i wanted it to appeal to a larger audience, not just female. I chose a color scheme that had more neutral colors and more geometric shapes to create a more modern twist.

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