Final Project

After creating my mood boards, I worked out my ideas in my sketch book:


Photo on 5-16-14 at 6.18 PM #2 Photo on 5-16-14 at 6.18 PM #3

Photo on 5-16-14 at 6.18 PM

Once I figured out what I wanted for a design, i started to watercolor different flowers and outline some bees and butterflies. I then scanned the images into my computer and edited them in Photoshop in order to use them for my project:

drawings 1


drawings 2drawings drawings 3






drawings 22 drawings 16 drawings 6











I did have problems scanning my watercolors in because the paper was wrinkled, so parts of them were some what blurry, but it ended up looking really nice. I also had a problem when trying to print my postcard. Originally, I wanted to make it a bumper sticker as well (peel off the front), but I realized you can’t print double sided on sticker paper, so I settled with a regular postcard.

I really enjoyed this project overall!

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