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Project 4 | More Process

Prep for prototype critique:


Project 4 | More Process & Visual Research

Looking more at bauhaus design, sketching some logo ideas and trying to decide what is going in my LESS promotional kit.


I have decided to do the project topic “LESS” which promotes a less wasteful lifestyle to help the world. Here are my moldboards.


First I decided to look at the Arts & Crafts Movement because it gives off a vintage feel which ties in to the concept of reusing old clothes or furniture. I like the folk/cottage-y feel it could really help inspire the audience and give them an overall vibe of the whole project. I also really like the decorative borders. The box for my kit could be printed or carved in a way similar to the cabinet in the moodboard.




Next I looked at Bauhaus style and more specifically Jan Tschichold’s work. I love the simple and faded yet bold and geometric feel. It pops but in a very reserved way. The clean and simple look fits perfectly with the clean cut “green” lifestyle LESS promotes. I’m also a sucker for pink, red, and a lightly textured background. What’s there not to love?!




Lastly I looked to Herbert Matter for some inspiration. His wild textures and graphics with bold fonts create very interesting and visually appealing designs. However I don’t think it will work particularly well with my LESS promo kit. I will for sure keep his style in mind for future projects.


PROJECT 4 | Visual Research & Process

First I went online and looked at existing promotional kits to get some inspiration. Here are some that stood out to me:


Looking at all of the design briefs and remembering the visual research I did, I made some sketches of the first things that came to mind while reading the descriptions. Some came easier than others:


With project 3 I’m going to look at College and what you need to make it/succeed.



Then I decided to change my subject to something I am a little more knowledgable and passionate about: Inline Skating and training. So I came up with “How to Prepare for an Inline Marathon”.



I looked at a few different styles of icons and symbols for inspiration – all pretty simplistic.


Project 2 | Visual Research & Process

For project 2 I started thinking of what I was interested in when looking at food and electronics. I came up with:

  • Electric toothbrushes (Sonicare)
  • Using real cane sugar over artificial sweeteners
  • Cauliflower

So I looked up some ads that have already been made about these subjects.



Next I looked up more about cauliflower and found an interesting website about foods that look like the body part it’s good for. EXAMPLE: cauliflower & your heart




My Sketches





3126481_WURST_Bun Ad_AVE.inddAd that not only shows a detailed close up view of a brat and bun that look so good I want one right now but also makes a funny connection to Valentines Day.



working_2400 studying_aotw playing_2400Another group of ads that make me hungry! Once again the focal point is the appetizing and detailed food but makes a statement on how it’d good whether you’re working, studying, or playing.



club2Very pretty advertisement that uses text to finish the image of a club shandy bottle. Draws you in and makes you want to read.



arrow_1_2400Tech ad that shows how one touch of the screen can get the ball moving on a cause. Playful and interesting to look at. Your eyes move well around the image.



hovis-valentineCute ad for Hovis bread. Very simple with the all white background and plate really creating a focus on the heart shaped bread with the red jelly to help connect it to valentines day.



pia-chocoholics2_aotwUsing a play on words and a captivating image of a champagne glass with chocolate milk, this ad does a good job of getting the readers attention. It really sets a good mood too with the darker more intimate background.



it-can-even-park-in-your-mailboxThese paper cars were put in mailboxes so when the person went to get their mail a cute little smart car was “parked” in their small slot — showing that smart cars can fit in any parking spot. Very cute and clever idea.



hiltlhamburgeraotw hiltlcordonaotwThis vegetarian company was simple and to the point with a close up of what seems to be a hamburger or cordon blue but tells you it is not.. leaving you a little confused and makes you read the little print to find out why. I also love the style with the more hand written font and illustrated food.



wilkinson_smooth_valentines_dayAnother Valentines Day ad that is selling Wilkinson Sword razors. Good design with the cartoon looking hairy heart and cartoonish font. Simple and to the point!



05_140402_ff_locator_a3_hoch_1_tomate_vv_eng_aotw 02_140402_ff_locator_a3_hoch_1_garnele_vv_eng_aotw 01_140402_ff_locator_a3_hoch_1_lachs_vv_eng_aotwThis ad promotes food that is true to its origin. Forming the food to the upside-down tear shape we all know and love from our mapping apps connects the ad to todays technology and interests the audience. — This reminded me a lot of our last project.




In this image text is used to help illustrate objects giving them some depth, detail, and interest.




Looking at the bottle on the left, text is placed between two images and helps explain and connect what is going on.





Here, type is placed behind the image to add information, interest, and color to the design.




Looking at the left side, type is used stylistically within the image to help create a feel, solidify the style, and make a statement.




This is an example of type used to create an image. The majority of it is type overlapped and augmented showing its different angles, curves, and other oddities. That with the use of color creates a visually grabbing abstract piece.



In this piece by Alexis Anne Mackenzie there is a clear focal point in the center of the image.





Liu Wei uses an overlapping of vibrant colored lines to create images of skylines and cityscapes.




This book cover design uses a torn out page as a plane for the image it also creates texture with the torn edge and cut out letters.




This image used by the Type Directors Club creates great visual texture by using different sized and angled lines.



ogilvy-how-to_700 julien_pacaud

French artist Julien Pacaud plays around with scale in many of his pieces. As seen in these two examples, people are compared to buildings.