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Mood Boards for Promo Packaging









This campaign focuses on creating gardens to help promote environments for bees and butterflies. Since the campaign is aimed at woman age 30-50, I wanted to create packaging that would appeal to this age group with a style that was either have a luxurious appearance or an organic outdoors feel.

For my first mood board I used the historical influence of art Deco to create a style that was more classy looking with a black, gold, and white color scheme. I thought it would be interesting to use packaging that didn’t look like something for gardening but instead, something you could find in a high end department store.


For my Second Mood board, I used the historical influence of Art Nouveau to create a more organic look. I thought the color scheme of pinks and creams and floral patterns gave it a more feminine feel and would appeal to an older audience of women.





For my last mood board I also went with the historical influence of Art Nouveau. For this one i wanted it to appeal to a larger audience, not just female. I chose a color scheme that had more neutral colors and more geometric shapes to create a more modern twist.


GD Final: Promotional Packaging Process

_MG_5797 _MG_5798 _MG_5795 _MG_5796For my promotional packaging design I combined the historical influence of Art Nouveau and added modern geometric shapes.

_MG_5793 _MG_5789 _MG_5788 _MG_5787 _MG_5785 _MG_5783 _MG_5779

Book Design | Icons



_MG_5682 _MG_5683 _MG_5684 _MG_5685   I wanted my icons to look very simple to match the clean and modern style of my book design.

Project 2: Product Advertisement & Inspiration

57d5446d77a3f53a548de3582af2b4c8I really liked the simplicity of the layout and graphics used in this poster for Salumi.  fdefddb4f50db968ffb8f6b4183ff23f

I liked the cut outs in this image and thought about using simple silhouette of the product in the background. _MG_5262 _MG_5263 _MG_5264 _MG_5265 _MG_5280My process involved doing quick sketches of possible layouts. I wanted to keep the images and colors simple and clean. I also redesigned Kraft’s Macaroni and Cheese logo to give it a more modern and less busy appearance.

Food & Tech Advertisments


I thought this poster was unique in that it combined of the product and plants to create bugs and an overall whimsical advertisement.


I liked how the type frames and pops against the image of the watermelon.


A giant phone as a poster. Cool way to be different and stand out to grab the viewers attention.


Using slices/pieces of an apple to create the image of an apple that is part of the product being sold. I also like the negative space around the apple. b3d10bf97744c77afa92f5a7dd6c33fa

Unique ad using painted hands to imply wildlife.


Using food to spell out what the product is. The image of the food really pops against the dark wood background.


Simple, orderly, fun, and colorful graphics.


Use of bright colors and negative space really makes this image pop.


Using iconic characters and use of comedy helps to grab the attention of a certain audience.


Jeep ad using the trees to create the iconic jeep on the side of a mountain.

Type and Image Integration

I like how the type creates the shape of the strawberry in this poster.



This illustration was interesting how the artist integrated text within the waves. 4d78bc3093d2009e116d06707c3d8dbb

I like how there are random items used to form the main text. It creates an interesting visual using a variety of textures and objects. 01bcbf721f9b369d5bc142347687a0b2

Another poster using text to create an object3d2d18385eb0a3f6a2516c68df0c74d8

I like this poster because there is overlapping of text and image that connects the two as a whole interesting visual. 14636c32559bbb94e7992446762dfa6b

Visual Research

I like how this designer used folded paper to create dimension and texture. 42847159a3f0646a2f4e0241c8e5bc09

This artist used scale to create a strong image.  like how there are minimal colors except for some words and the bright yellow stripe at the bottom.e38b6a024ae0e47255ad1a301c4c6a6f

This designer also used scale to create whimsical and compelling images411e61d52587ce0a6e208b7587ffee0e

This poster has a focal point and uses a tree stump to represent a record player.


This design used lines to create interesting textures and shapes. I like how the designer created the white shape on the left to correlate to the shapes the lines make. 2fc767edd81936de34d82bb61b629706