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Children’s Book


My inspiration my little nephew and helping him build his first car

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Project 2 Work Flow & Inspiration

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My inspiration was something I grew up with so I looked into Chevy, my original idea was about disconnecting from the internet but due to miss communication i changed it.

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Truck Advertising



the way the truck is sitting at the top of the hill showing it stands on top of its competition ames this a good ad even with  out text


the use of negative space and contrast makes the truck pop and shows what chevys are made for


the use of text along with the picture captures chevys core group of buyers



the use of negative space and high contrast shows the truck can take you anywhere





This is an example of Line

archi-elements1-2  This is an example of Scale Jack Pierson  This is an example of Plane0528  This is an example of Texturetileable_textureb_step01  This is another example of LineJAP5000A