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Great Stuff

These young designers went for it. Check it out: Emerging Creators at Design Indaba.


Brian Collins

Thank you Brian Collins (, for giving us your valuable time, yesterday. Your advice was much needed for the students in our GD program. Here are a couple of things I am taking away:

Read a book a week.
Have a blog.
Do digital.
Take what you love and weave it into your practice.
Use your unique location/knowledge in your work.
Work hard for what you want. Have passion!
Don’t be afraid to shoot for the moon.

There’s so much more and I hope everyone takes this advice to heart. I could only imagine what type of program we could have, if everyone went there.

New Print Factory

New Print Factory

This might be just what some of you are looking for. An online printer who does all sorts of specialty processes. I didn’t look too deeply into the cost but it seems it might be more affordable.

A couple of things

First, thank you Rob Wittig for giving me this great link. Everyone should take a look at this firm called Moving Brands. Not only do they do awesome work, but they show you their whole process of how they get to their brilliant solutions. If you look at their work, most of the pages will show you the extensive process in photos. Sometimes, there’s even video!

Second thing you should look at is Kern and Burn’s website, particularly there One Hundred Days of Design Entrepreneurship.

I don’t know them very well, but I love these guys

Check out this blog by Good Company. I have been looking at them on and off today and I’m liking what I find so far. For a start, they are doing fun things and have some great links to look at.

I’d suggest checking it out.

This is what I’m talking about folks!

This is the power of smart design thinking! Brilliant!

New Blog

Found a pretty cool new blog that contains some pretty interesting design commentary and it’s associated with the Twin Cities design agency Capsule…

Stuff for your Research

I run into things for you guys all the time, so I am going to start keeping track. Here are just a few.

Best Art and Design Books

For those that are thinking about doing books, either children’s or just designer books. These are great examples.

Organic Farms

I was drawn by the logo here. Thought of people interested in simple living, organics and the like.

Alexander Erickson

Jake Strassman

For those interested in designing for the ski industry. A couple of former grads.

The Yukon Highway

This is a cool website for YH info.

Television Identities

Some interesting ways to apply graphics to the television screen via network interstitials.

Fashion Graphic Design (Graphic Design for Fashion)

Looks like an awesome book!

Music Graphic Design (

Interesting find here…UK design agency with awesome graphics.

Sustainable Packaging (design library)

Some good examples.

Type Directors Club

…for those who love type…

The Grid System

interesting find

Layout examples


More from Smashing Magazine


CD Packaging ideas.

Cool new site to find typefaces:

(thanks to Jake Kouba’s post on Facebook)