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Final Project

After creating my mood boards, I worked out my ideas in my sketch book:


Photo on 5-16-14 at 6.18 PM #2 Photo on 5-16-14 at 6.18 PM #3

Photo on 5-16-14 at 6.18 PM

Once I figured out what I wanted for a design, i started to watercolor different flowers and outline some bees and butterflies. I then scanned the images into my computer and edited them in Photoshop in order to use them for my project:

drawings 1


drawings 2drawings drawings 3






drawings 22 drawings 16 drawings 6











I did have problems scanning my watercolors in because the paper was wrinkled, so parts of them were some what blurry, but it ended up looking really nice. I also had a problem when trying to print my postcard. Originally, I wanted to make it a bumper sticker as well (peel off the front), but I realized you can’t print double sided on sticker paper, so I settled with a regular postcard.

I really enjoyed this project overall!


Mood Boards

Campaign: Bees and Butterflies
Audience: Gardeners living in a variety of different areas. Typically women between the ages of 30 and 50.



For this first mood board I wanted to go for an arts and crafts movement type feel. I really enjoy the look of how the water colors interact with the black lines of the drawings that are incorporated with it. I wanted fonts that worked well together but also provided a lot of contrast. For a header I picked a script font, Signerica (Fat), and a sans serif font in two different weights, Futura (Bold and Light), to be used for subheadings and body copy. The colors I chose are very feminine, to help appeal to the female audience it is aimed towards. I also included some promotional pieces that I want to look into creating. These include bags to hold the seeds or tags for pouches of seeds.





With this mood board, I wanted to go for an organic feel that touches on the art nouveau movement as well as some Swiss design. I like the interaction of the drawings with the real leaves in the top right hand corner. I also enjoy how the solid color of the paper makes the drawings stand out in the bottom left image. When deciding fonts, I wanted something that went with the organic, nature feel that I was looking for. I chose Brian Flower as a header and either Orator STD or Bodoni BE for body copy or sub headers. For this color scheme I chose colors in the primary color families with a feminine touch in order to appeal to the female audience I am targeting.



For this last board, I wanted to change it up a bit and go for a clean, natural feel, so I decided to go with a Swiss design. This type of design would make it easy to organize information and would make sure that it doesn’t get too cluttered. For colors I chose ones with cool tones to them, but are still have an earthy and elegant feel. When thinking about fonts, I wanted ones that had a nice contrast with each other, but were still classic looking. I chose 3 different fonts, and they are Didot (Bold), Orator Std, and Futura (Bold).

Project 3 Design Process

I started the design process by brainstorming different ideas on what I could make my book about.


I then picked a topic (How to Lose a Guy) and created brain maps. I made two – one for indirect methods, and one for direct methods.



Next, I narrowed down the brain map into the topics that I wanted to use as icons, and sketched different ideas.



Next, I laid sketched a rough layout of my pages and decided I was going to make a 7×7 book and use the square grids that are given on inDesign.


After deciding on a layout, I turned my brain map in to a list of important overall topics and subtopics in order to organize what I wanted to say.


Finally, I finalized my icons and picked fonts and color schemes to work with for my book.


Here is the final project!! I am really happy with how it turned out.

IMG_20140415_092542_851 IMG_20140415_092557_260 IMG_20140415_092608_874 IMG_20140415_092619_917

Project #2 Design Process

For this project, I decided to made advertisements for Nike, below is my process.



Online Storyboard:


Print Drafts:advertisment

Final Advertisments






b04e79c65503db44c1c7d3d41abc4276This image is a great example of point. The scribbles and repetitive circles create a focal point in the middle of the picture.


The 1968 Olympics logo is a great example of line. It is used to create repetition and texture, and keeps our eye moving throughout the logo.


This set of photographs is an example of plane. In this case, the billboards are used as the plane that the advertisement is created on.


This magazine spread is an example of texture. The brush strokes behind the picture of a man and title create an interesting texture.


This website design is an example of scale. The origami birds in the foreground are bigger than the ones in the background, which make them look closer to the viewer.