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It is our first day of Spring Semester and it’s not quite Spring but we can still be excited about new things beginning. I would like to request a few things from all of you that are not included on the syllabi…here goes…

Be excited about learning.
Take responsibility for your own learning.
The most successful students are those who design all the time, even when they are not asked to, and, when they are not creating things, then they are looking at other’s creations. So…look all the time and work prolifically.
Don’t put things off…it causes you more stress than you need and your work isn’t as good.
Be smart…think about this subject of design at deeper levels than you intended. Being a designer today is not just knowing how to make things look good.
Question everything…especially your own work. Try to look at things objectively, as much as you can.
Look at things twice, three times, four times or more. Each time you’ll see something new.
Tell me what you need…have expectations of me and yourself and make sure you let me know what they are. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. I’m pretty good, but I can’t read minds.
Give others your honest opinion about work and be open to criticism of your own.

O.k. I’ll stop there.

The first day is easy…we’ll just talk about what we’ll be doing and have a short discussion about design. Here is your syllabus: syllabus pdf

For day two, please read pages 8-27 of your book Graphic Design The New Basics. Find examples of work on blogs, in books, etc. and be ready to write about/respond to and discuss in class.

Here is my online journal example: Jennifer’s Journal: My Journal Example(s)

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