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Project 4: Symbols + Website


You can learn much of this stuff on your own by working on side projects in web. Here are a couple of resources for you to use:

Learn HTML and CSS by Jon Druckett (a nicely designed, easy to use book), a website with many different tutorials on learning languages and software.

W3C Schools

Web Style Guide

Don’t Fear the Internet

Web Design Tuts

CSS Tricks

Project 3: The Advice Booklet

project3_thebooklet (Project 3 Description Sheet)

… more on booklet design

Project 2: How to Work as a Designer (Project Sheet)

Topics for Sec. 001 (10-11:55)

Living Lightly / Climate Change / 2012
Living Lightly: Be the Change
Koyaanisqatsi: Life out of Balance Remake (Huffington Post)

BBC (Lake Vostok)

Nutrition and Academics + Mindful Eating
Mindful Eating (NYTimes)

Gay Marriage / California Prop 8


Nuclear Bombs / North Korea / Iran

Break-up Apps

Huffington Post

Topics: Sec. 002 (12-1:55)

Charles Dickens 200th B-Day / BOZ / Small Bookstore

Washington Post
CBS News

Gay Marriage / Prop 8

see above links

Fidel Castro Memoirs

The Guardian

Modern Day Technology / Negative aspects of Social Networking / How to Use it for your Small Business

Floating Cities / New Innovative Living Systems

Seasteading Institute

Preventative Healthcare v. Disease Treatment / DIY Health

Other Resources for Project II

See xtra information (History Presentation, Student Work, etc.)

Melissa Hribar (moodboard examples)

Examples of Packaging, Brochures, Giveaways…

Schedule and Point Info:

February 8: Brainstorm Ideas for Content as Group; Talk about Promo Package; What is a moodboard?; Individual brainstorm about style (use history info. for style ideas / must reappropriate historical design style)
February 15: 2 moodboards due (must have two different directions for style) (25 points)
February 22:  4 conceptual directions (2 per style) (25 points)
February 29:
Roughs of all promo pieces (25 points)
March 7:
Final presentation of promo package / pieces (75 points)


Project I: Posters of Persuasion (project1)

Turn in Requirements/Information:

• Posters can be 11 x 14, 11 x 17, 13 x 19, 18 x 24 (horizontal or vertical) and must be printed in color if color is intended.
• You must turn in your process with the final posters—10 concepts + 4 worked out poster ideas + 2 comps + final poster.
• Turn in your process in either hand-done, digital (make into pdf) and email or posted on your blog and a link sent to me.

Printing Thoughts/Information:
• There are multiple places to print around town; the ones most frequently used are Paper Hog, Office Max Impress, UPS, Campus Print Shop, Sam’s Club)
• It’s typically best to save your posters as PDF before you bring to printer. You can ready your file by turning your type to outlines, accounting for bleeds, adding registration marks for trimming to the file if it needs to be trimmed, etc. When choosing the size of poster you will be printing, be aware of what sizes the particular pinter you choose can print. Be aware, also, that it will cost more if you go larger than 11 x 17 or need a bleed of color to the edges. Ask me if you have questions.
• DO NOT PRINT at the last minute. It always takes longer than you think. These are due on MONDAY, FEB. 6, so you should count on printing by Sunday. Remember, many printers are not open on the weekend. Check that too.
• Anything else?

2010 Posters for Design 21 (Year for Rapprochement of Cultures)


2011 Posters for Afghan women and Chinese dissidents



More Poster Project Information

More resources for you to look at:

Not an attractive website but an awesome source for posters: Rene Wanner’s Poster Page

Design Reviver

Web Designer’s look at posters

Design M.AG


well-medicated (gig posters)

New Resources:

Design Activism / AIGA

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