Graphic Design I: Schedule

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Section I:  Working with Type and Image; Human Rights/Human Wrongs Poster Series

Wednesday, January 18: Introduction to Course; Who we are; Observing / Responding; What Next

Monday, January 23: Discussion of first reading/talk about journals; The Poster; Design for Good; Introduction to Project I; Research / Brainstorm Ideas

Wednesday, January 25: Check in on Journals; Choose Topic; Discuss Process; Work on Ideas

Monday, January 30: In-process small group critique; Choose best directions

Wednesday, February 1: Final Posters Critique

Section II: History/Postmodernism; Popular Culture Promotions

Monday, February 6: History Presentation; Discussion of Project 2

Wednesday, February 8: Brainstorm of content for P2; Talk about goals for project; What is a moodboard?; Brainstorm individual style directions

Monday, February 13: How do we create mood? Specific styles (historical v. contemporary); color, texture, type, imagery. Work in class on creating 2 different moodboards (2 different style directions); be prepared to justify your choices.

Wednesday, February 15: Presentention of moodboards to smaller group; talk about possible type, image style, application, etc. — as if it were a client — what do you know about the problem? how are you approaching a solution / justify.

Monday, February 20: Work in class on creating 4 different conceptual directions (2 per style)

Wednesday, February 22: Present conceptual directions to smaller group; choose strongest push

Monday, February 27: Work in class on creating roughs for complete promo package

Wednesday, February 29: Presentation of roughs (either printed or digital; should have at least one piece printed for color correction)

Monday, March 5: Completion of final for presentation

Wednesday, March 7: Final critique of promo package to whole group

March 12-16: Spring Break

March 19: Last look at promo package before final.

March 21: Final critique of promo package + turn-in.

Section III: Multi-page Layout / Instruction / Narrative; Instructional Booklet Project

Monday, March 26: Go over new project. Discuss different steps + layout specifics. Look at last year’s examples. Discuss choice and direction with small groups and brainstorm content.

Wednesday, March 28: Have content outline + beginning of copy. Look at various booklet styles, talk about visual choices. Sprint booklet thumbnails.

Monday, April 2: Look at content and style decisions, and discuss visual styles, type, color. Look at various grid structures and how to plan for them.

Wednesday, April 4: Setting up your grid, styles and color in In-design. Get set-up going and be prepared to finish on your own. Work on rough.

Monday, April 9: Check document layout and progress. Work on completing content gathering. Talk about setting up for printer spreads and creating mock-up.

Wednesday, April 11: Critique roughs/mockups. Final edits.

Monday, April 16: Final critique of book.

Section IV: Symbols / Motion / Interactivity: A Family of Symbols

Wednesday, April 18:

Monday, April: 23:

Wednesday, April 25:

Monday, April 30:

Wednesday, May 2:


Mon/Wed 10-11:55 class
Thursday, May 10, 8–9:55 a.m.

Mon/Wed 12–1:55 class
Friday, May, 11, 12–2 p.m

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