Final Project Information and Schedule

Final Project: Commercial
(can work solo or as a group of two)

30 sec. or 1 minute

Process + Points: See Commercial Work in Motion Graphics
Text-based Storyboard / 25 (Due: Dec. 1): examples
Rough Visual Board + Digital Visual Ideas / 10 (Due: Dec. 1) (Readings on Moodle)
Digital Storyboard / 40 (Due: Dec. 8) examples: millerchill_storyboard
Rough cut / 25 (Due: Dec. 15)
Final / 200 (Due: Dec. 17-22) T + Th 12 class: Wed. Dec. 21 2-3:55; T + Th 4 class: Thur. Dec. 22, 12-1:55; W 8 class: M. Dec. 19, 8-9:55

Style / Content:
Any technique (avoid video, unless used for rotoscoping or if you are sure you can capture good and appropriate footage)
Must use logo, colors, typographic style already set by the businesses / services below
Must use original material or materials that is not copyright protected. This include photos, illustrations, video (see rule about this above) and sound. See Resources Page for online resources that are copyright free and available for use.

The Food Truck proposal briefspiritbookFOODTRUCKMaterialsFOODTRUCKlogos

PRKS PRKSDesignBriefBillboard AdsBus Adssponsorshirtsprkswebsitehomebusstopad

Placebo Comix pcx_motiong_materials

Vital Key DesignBrief materialroughs SpiritBookFinal2

Public House phbrief logos_ph

Alternative: You can pitch your own made-up business / product, but you must provide a brief containing the same information as the ones above as well as have a logo, color palette, typographic style, created and pitched to me by Tuesday, November 29. No extensions or exceptions will be made for this.

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