Object Exercise—Motion Graphics

Object Exercise

From the lists below, choose one or more inanimate objects and an emotion and create a 15 second or less short that animates that object and gives it that emotion.

You will use basic techniques in AE or Motion to build this animation, working with the creation of simple graphics, the timeline, keyframes and simple animating tools. You will also use sound to aide in the creation of the motion and emotion. And finally, you will learn how to render this small video and upload it for viewing on the web.

Object Options

Paper Clip, Binder Clip, Staple, Paper
Chair, Table, Sofa, Rug
Pen, Pencil, Paintbrush
Cookie, Candy
Fork, Knife or Spoon

Emotions / Personality Types

Fearful / Scary
Romantic / Flirtatious
Silly / Playful
Extra Happy / Excited

**Remember to keep it simple. These are flat, two-dimensional objects, so don’t complicate the idea by thinking about visualizing all sides of the object in this animation.

Steps to the Project:
1 Choose your object and emotion
2 Choose other visual components / i.e. color, background textures, etc.
3 Choose audio / narrative
4 Create your object in the AE (also an option to create it in Illustrator and bring it in; as long as you can work with it as a morphing object / it’s bezier points)
5 Create storyboards (sketches) for your animation / visualizing how it lives and moves and the screen
6 Begin working with time/motion in AE
7 Create a full rough of animation quickly
8 Edit it to its final form

Storyboard for Happy Compost (my animation): Onliners here is an example of what your planning process for this animation might look like. It was created in Illustrator with layers, so the various pieces could be used in Motion or After Effects.

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