Project 3: Television Title Sequence or Teaser

You will work in a group of 4 to produce a short network or cable television title sequence or teaser. You will use a combination of techniques but are required to use video or photography. Some of the techniques you may use will be using green screen technology, keying and applying external illustrated backgrounds, stop motion photography, 2-D to 3-D photographs and illustrations; etc. We will look at examples and go over how to achieve these various techniques in class.

Your goals for this project are to learn about:

Composition for the Screen: How to get a good shot
Process: More about the process; scripting, shot planning; storyboarding
Narrative / Storyline: capturing the essence of a show and introducing character personalities
Titles: how to do them in a way that makes them standout from their background, be easy to read, meaningful and memorable
Selling an Idea: creating a piece that will pull the viewer in; in essence; selling the show

You will choose from one of the below series scripts and build your title/teaser from there. If you have a better idea, then pitch it to me and be clear about the idea.

Food Love
Cooking show centered around eating non-processed, strictly homegrown or locally purchased foods. Show is very anti-industrial food production—edgy in that sense—it pokes fun at big operations but also pokes fun at themselves for being the granola-type and too serious about this stuff.

Audience: People who appreciate good food, particularly organic and all-natural; also appreciate the poke at corporate America.

Urban Being
Show about urban culture. A documentary-like series that focuses around various urban ideas—arts, music, street life, subcultures, hip, young business, etc.

Audience: aimed at a younger hipper audience

The Edge
This series is about art students in a small college environment. It features four main characters, each having various life issues. Being art students, they have certain oddities, angst, anti-socialness. Each character a bit different but just as weird. The Edge is a hangout, either a restaurant or some such thing or a underground gathering place where they always gather.

What they would or wouldn’t do for a tip. This series is about young geeks who work together at a funky restaurant. The whole series circulates around interactions with customers and how each of the characters deals with it.

Whole documentary series about the music scene in Duluth, MN. Shows both scenes from various bands, shots of audience, and interviews with various musicians, club owners, fans, etc. This would be a teaser for one particular show that features some specific band, venues, etc. Audience is fairly non-specific, although it tends to be people who participate in the music scene.

This project is worth 400 points:

200 for the project itself; broken down as such:
50 for Rough Due: November 10
150 for Final Due: November 17

100 is for process:
Script 25 Due: October 25
Shot list/Planning 10 Due: October 27
Rough Storyboard 15 Due: October 27

Final Storyboard 50 Due: November 3

100 for group participation (graded by peers and by observation of instructor)

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