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Object Exercise:

Storyboard for Happy Compost (my animation): Onliners here is an example of what your planning process for this animation might look like. It was created in Illustrator with layers, so the various pieces could be used in Motion or After Effects.

Type Exercise: A Moving Haiku (exercise sheet)

Schedule for Haiku
September 22: Introduction to Type and Exercise
September 22-29: Planning for Type Exercise

Choosing Haiku
Creating overall look and feel, including choice of typeface(s), color, textures, supporting graphics
Planning Time and Motion…Storyboarding

My Process (jens_haiku)

September 29-October 6: Creation of Rough

October 6-13: Complete Exercise

Television Title Sequence

Resources for Title Sequence:

Scripts Examples

script example one

how to write a script from

and from

Planning for…

Equipment: Multimedia Hub
Props and Wardrobe


Project Page

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