October 12…More Things

Do your information and visual ideas so far…?

Answer who, what, why…

(information from Logo Design Workbook, AdamsMorioka, 2004 and from Fast Company article…)

Position the Company in the Marketplace?, Is there mnemonic value? Is it memorable? Personality? Describe in just a few words.
What is the composition of the business and it’s culture? Does it live what it is trying to sell? Who is the audience? And, what are there goals? Living style? etc. Is it designed for longevity? Not too trendy? Are you creating something that can be in it for the long haul? Can it be anything you want it to be?

Volkswagen: The Beetle…http://www.beetle.de/full/


Does it identify what you are? Can you justify your visual choices? What are the key goals of this business? Define Purpose of Product / Service? How do you want the audience to perceive the brand? Does it pose a question? Is it a good foundation for all the other things? And, be placed on many types of things? Does it hold or have potential for consistency with variety?


Brand New Awards Book

YouTube Ad

Brand Slide Show

Have you set limitations? Focused? Is it strong? Are you seductive enough to pull away from other competitors? Have a Mission?
Beyond economics, why is it worth doing/being?

Hybrid Design’s Impact Campaign

Have you answered all the questions about the competition?

Does it know itself? Is it defined well?

NPR article

Can it be in it’s own category? Invent a place for itself? Be unique?

Does it tap into emotions?

Emotional Branding



Meaning Template

Is it a great story with a beg for more?


Is it relevant?

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