Questions / Information

What is the purpose of this research / presentation? What is this about? What do I take from it? and, What do I give back? and How?

Know the business and therefore be informed about the design.

Present that knowledge in a visual sense to the client to sell your ideas.

Presentation Examples



More Examples…

Mix Atlanta

Cameron Moll

What I think a good presentation includes:


A consistent look and feel that captures the spirit of the business…working toward brand.

Fewer words but important and memorable ones, with great typographic styling.

Diagrams, Graphs, Infographics that help me understand the information in visual form.

Prepared, confident, excited and nicely styled presenters.

Your presentation is in two parts…

One, a presentation of your data that is feeding the second part…

Two, the Visual Ideas.

Your visual ideas for further work on the project have to come from somewhere…the market culture, the competition, etc. Your visual ideas shouldn’t just look good—it should represent and say identify the business at hand.

What are these visual ideas…what do they look like at this point?

You are NOT presenting logo options at this point.

You ARE presenting…

~ Possible symbols/marks with an explanation of your thinking.

~ Typographic choices with your reasoning for the options.

~ Color palette options and justification for why they represent the business.

~ Photographs and Illustrations that represent the product, people, environment.





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