Resumes for Graphic Designers

Top Ten Mistakes (from AIGA)

Points from Get a Job by Rita Sue Siegel

The trick to getting your resume noticed is customization; not by design but by content.

Clarity, brevity, and relevance of content are important characteristics of a resume, as are organization, readability, quality of information, writing style, correct spelling and grammar.

My Thoughts

Beautiful to look at
Part of your business system / reflect your identity
Flawless Typography
No grammatical or spelling errors
Can contain anything that is unique that says something about your skills / dig deep
Something design-wise
Shouldn’t be over the top

What it should contain:

Personal Statement / Objective
Skills / Software Knowledge/Proficiencies
Design Experience (Freelance, Internships, Jobs)
Work Experience (Not too much detail, better if what you did is relevant to design)
Activities / Involvement / Shows / Awards
Website Portfolio address

Should it be designed?


More Examples

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