Section 3: Working with Photography and Video + Narrative + Compositing

In this section of the course, our goals are to do and learn about the following:

Focusing on Narrative…Particularly as it pertains to Titles / Teasers:

What’s Important…Capturing the essence of the show; Introducing the Characters; Selling the Show


Compositing…working with video and photography and the composite of other elements within that…type and graphics.


Thinking about Composition… as it applies to video and photography on the moving screen


Thinking alternatively about using video/photography…like…

Closeups: To Kill a Mockingbird; Seven

Special Effects to Video: Fight Club

Shooting Built Sets: Digital Kitchen’s Sundance Festival Commercials

Learning New Techniques for Motion Graphics using video and photography, like…


2D to 3D Photo Work…Carnivale

Stop Motion

Working with Titles…Type over Image in Motion


It Might Get Loud

What are we gonna do to learn all this…

First, we’re gonna read a little about…and apply it to our process of brainstorming ideas for the Title/Teaser Project

Forces within the Screen: Magnetism of the Frame, Attraction of Mass, Figure/Ground, Closure and Gestalt, Vectors (directional forces)

Interplay of Screen Forces: More about Vectors; Balance and Imbalance; Object Framing

Depth and Volume: Graphic Depth Factors like overlapping planes and aerial perspective

Screen Volume and Effects: Volume Duality; Z-Axis Articulation; Graphication; Personification

Visualization: Visual Approaches; How to Look at Things; Field of View; Point of View; Angles

Second, we’re gonna bring this information back to our groups, teach and share our ideas…

Third, we’re gonna work together to create a script and plan our technique and subsequent shots and crate a rough storyboard…

Fourth, we’re gonna gather the necessary material…video, photo, props…and create our graphics and typography…

Fifth, we’re gonna create our final digital storyboard…

Sixth, we’re gonna edit and composite all our material together…and create a rough…

Seventh, we’re gonna put on the final touches and show the final work…

See Title/Teaser Project Sheet for more details….

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