Senior Studio I

Schedule (10.12.11 / from now on…check the schedule for updated info. specific information and links)

Welcome to SSI Design Agency! You have been hired and we’re looking forward to working with you over the next several months on many exciting new projects.

Here is some information for your first day of work: New Hire Information (Syllabus)

Meeting: Day 1

September 14: Our Plan Today

What is Branding? Wheeler wheeler_basicswheeler_brandideals

Meet in Groups and Finish Our Briefs: What our Briefs should contain and look like.

Meet as whole group, present ideas of each as briefs and decide as group which to pursue.

Your briefs, even at this stage should be visual…design everything you do/present!

Before next time / Sept. 21: Begin both research for presentation and for visual ideas. Read Wheeler Basics Section pgs. 2-100; Also read/skim info. about research, pg. 102-115

What is included in this presentation/Brand Brief (on pg. 120 of Wheeler)

Big Idea or Brand Essence
Brand Attributes
Value Proposition
Guiding Principles/Key Beliefs
Target Audience
Key Markets
Key Competitors
Competitive Advantage
Driving Force

September 21: More about Reseach / What are you looking for in:

The Product Itself
The Competition
The Audience


Do a Visual Audit and a Quick Moodboard to present to the class next time. What does this mean?

How do you do this research…from Wheeler

Interviews: Not possible for you, but you can look at the questions that would be asked of the key stakeholders and decide what that information is.

Market Research…can’t really do it on your own product but you can look for research information on other similar products. For example for North Shore Timberframing, I might look at what people look at when building a home. What are there concerns. How do they go about the process of deciding on materials?

Usability. Ask your friends and family. If they were to use such a product, what things would be important to them, or just think about and define that.

Marketing Audit. Wheeler has a great list of things to look at in the marketplace (on page 109).

Competitive Audit. Again, great questions by Wheeler (pg 111).

Language Audit. How do they and we talk about them/ourselves. What words do we use to describe what we do. Words can create visual ideas.

September 28

1 Present the research you have done so far.

2 Talk about what this will look like in both the Design Presentation and Spirit Book/Brand Books

What Next—October 5:

Idea for Presentation Format + Some Roughs of Pages

Visual Ideas for Spirit Books…Format, Printing Options, Content

Questions to ask yourself…

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