Briefs—Senior Studio

Be ready to pitch an idea for each of these areas!

Innovate New Product / Service

What is it: This product is super technologically savvy and mucho contemporary. Mostly it’s going to be the innovators who are interested in this product. It’s something that will make their lives simpler and something they’ll want to show all their friends.

Pricepoint: This might be considered a luxury item to some but isn’t that expensive, so it is accessible to a wider audience.

Audience: Innovators; Tech-Savvy People; Young Urban Hip Professionals; and, College Students who like cool and interesting things.

Examples: Dyson Fan, ElliptiGo, Kwikscreen

Sustainable Retail Store or Restaurant:

Description: This business is all about being sustainable. Everything in the store/restaurant is made from recycled materials and everything that is sold is made from only the most environmentally-friendly materials. As a part of the business, they like to educate the consumer, so much of what you find in the store has some educational component, whether it be the walls that are looked at, the menu or the packaging of the things sold.

Pricepoint: Affordable.

Audience: Those interested in environmentally-friendly services; young hip families interested in passing down good ideals to their children; liberal hippie types.

Avec / GustoOrganics / Evolve / LaBrea


Public Service Campaign:

Description: This is a upfront issue in the news today that this organization is interested in getting the word out about. Educating the public about this particular issue will make a huge impact and will promote change.

Audience: Teenagers and Young Adults between the ages of 14-25 in all areas of the country.

Examples: Huffington Post

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