Materials and Identity Standards Manual: Requirements

Now that you have nearly completed the creation of your identity…mark, logotype, signature, and colors…here is what we will focus on now.

Material Requirements

Your are required to now create touchpoints or materials to apply the identity for the product/business. I hope that you take full advantage of this and think of all the possibilities, experiment with many and choose wisely, but my requirements are as such:

A business system: business card, letterhead, envelope

Plus, at least 4 other identity and marketing applications….these are just some of the possibilities:

Website or Smart App
Collateral materials…flyers, brochures
Advertising materials…magazine ads, billboards, posters
Environmental Graphics…building interiors, signage
Motion Graphics
Vehicle Graphics
Ephemera or Schwag…mugs, pens, bookmarks, tshirts, etc. You would choose this if were participating in tradeshows or giving out gift boxes to internal or external stakeholders, for example.


The Pew Center for Arts and Heritage by Johnson Banks

The Shrine Haberdashery by Triboro Design

The Wanderlust Hotel by Foreign Policy Design

The People’s Supermarket by unreal-uk (trendland images)

Identity Standards Manual

You are also required to create a final identity standards manual for the internal client. This is created as a way of managing the identity system to maintain usage consistency.

This is what is required in the identity standards manual:

Key Beliefs / Personality Words
Logo in all it’s forms…Mark, Logotype, Signature, with and without color, size options (minimum and maximum), required space around, how not to use it, etc.
Color Information (CMYK, RGB, Hex Numbers) + Usage Information
Type Styles and Usage
Logo Application to Materials: Photographs or Illustrations of how you’ve applied to various materials
Photo Usage…if relevant
Illustration Style…If relevant

Here are some examples:




Skype ID Manual

Crown Holdings

Pixel Dreams

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