SSI Schedule

Sept. 7: Introduction to goals/objectives of course; expectations; groups; begin group research and idea generation

Sept. 14: Present ideas to larger group­; whole group will vote on which idea each group should follow; larger research begins, both in terms of business and visual ideas.

What should this next stage look like?
How do you do your research?

September 21: Members of each group will come together to share preliminary research and visual ideas; the first part of class will be devoted to collaborating those ideas and choosing directions forward; joint ideas will then be presented to whole group as visual moodboards and greater understanding of business; Groups will go away to start working more specifically on identity generation; playing with color, type, image, overall visual style, and be prepared to present those to group member beginning of next

October 5: Groups will collaborate again on bringing ideas for color, type, visual style together more as a presentation; Groups will also continue to work on generating presentation for client of research findings and visual ideas; Visual ideas will be presented to group as whole and agency will help decide which direction is most suitable for project. Groups will go away to start working more specifically on presentation and spirit books for client.

October 12 : Presentations and spirit books roughs should be done; Will show to instructor and then continue to further develop, getting ready for presentation next class period.

More things to think about while you gather data and create your presentation and spirit books…

Send rough of Spirit book to Gordon before next class…I will have edits and comments for you by the 19th.

October 19: Formal Presentations of research to class

October 26: Present Spirit Books / Turn In;

Begin Part II of Branding Process / Prototyping: The Creation of Identity: Mark, Logotype, Signature, Variations, Color, Secondary Typography, Roll-Out Materials, Testing;

Wheeler; Phase 3 and 4: pages 124-171

Topic: Corporate Social Responsibility

Forbes CSR Blog

Examples from Forbes

As You Sow: Website devoted to CSR

November 2: 1. Look at Roughs of Logotypes (Two per Team Member or Three for solo work); Make choices about moving forward

2. Topic: Sustainability in Design; Presentation and Discussion

3. Discuss Materials; Expectations

November 9: 1. Logo Options in more completed form (final choice of color, type, mark, logotype, signature);

Materials and Identity Standards Manual Requirements

2. How do we Apply to Materials / Roughs (in digital form); How do we present these.

3. Talk about Identity Standards manual and what that entails.

4. Make a plan for meeting next week, before Loll visit.

November 16: Field Trip: Meet just before 3 p.m. and go on field trip to Loll. This will take the place of class that evening.

November 23: Thanksgiving Break.

November 30: Fairly complete rough of identity standards manual. Discuss time needed to complete. Either Dec. 7 or Dec. 14.

December 7: Final check-in on progress and questions about completing project.

December 14: Final formal presentation of materials and standards manual.

Finals Week: Return of Materials and Grades + We could meet to talk about portfolio planning before next semester and look at what you plan to put in it. This could happen as a group or on an individual basis. Up to you.

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