Portfolio Strategies

There are various ways to approach production of your portfolio. This page will be about strategies for doing this as we go throughout the semester. The first thing we need to do is gather everything that might have potential as a portfolio piece.

Gathering and Organizing

1. Organize all your digital files in labeled folders.
2. If your work is not digital but printed, mounted, a fine arts piece, then take a photo of it and put that photo in with your digital file.
3. Rename the files within the folders so they are easy to distinguish (i.e. gla_kiosk; organic_roots_menu; cvt_web; etc.)
4. Make a list of what exists in the folder for your portfolio in the order of best to not best. Add detailed information about what the project was and what parts exist with it (if there is process or multiple pieces). Also add information about what needs to be done with it (edited; printed and photographed, etc.).
5. Also, make a separate list of the types of work that exists (2 posters; 3 identity projects; 2 books; 2 websites; brochure; motion piece; illustrations, photographs, etc.). Then, from that list, decide what is missing and what needs to be added.
6. General thoughts about Fine Arts pieces: Some pieces are more related to design and could be a plus to your portfolio—photographs, illustration work, conceptual digital work. This should be discussed and considered on an individual basis. If it is added to your portfolio, you should consider how to couch it in a way that makes it relative and a plus…i.e. make a book of your various illustrations; talk about what inspired it, what your conceptual idea was; how it might be used in a design piece; maybe even show an example of how it could be applied in a design.

More to come…

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