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Self-Identity / Research, Reading for Project / Gathering Portfolio Content
January 17: Introduction to Course; Discussion of 1st Steps; Questions; Write quick artist/designer statement
Let’s look at some designer’s statements from my design resources page; and handouts with questions.
These are just some of the questions you can ask yourself: What makes you unique? What’s fun, interesting, relevant about your personality that makes you a different /stand-out designer? What areas of design are you particularly good at or want to focus on? What are you excited about learning in the field? Describe the style of work? What things have influenced you? Have you worked on any particularly interesting jobs or projects that made the lightbulb go off? What things in the world trip your trigger? Where do you want to work? What type of people do you fit in with?…want to work with? What do you envision for your future?
For next time: Write a good draft of this statement to share with us next time. Gather your potential portfolio pieces into a folder to share next time, and organize them in such a way that makes them easy to look at.
January 19: Look at Artists’s Statements and portfolio pieces in smaller groups; Brainstorm quick ideas for identity…colors, type, symbols, based on what you said about yourself and what your work looks like; present ideas for research/special projects; look at WordPress/blog—tutorial
January 24: Present 4 different ideas for identities, including color options, typographic treatment, symbols; Talk about Resumes; WordPress demo; talk about presentations
January 26: Resume content draft; Weed through ideas for identity—choose at least two strong directions; Look at business card examples and letterheads; two presenters
January 31:
What we are doing in class—one on one looking at ids, resumes, talking about portfolio pieces and special projects choice.
Where you should be right now with things—Have existing portfolio pieces organized and know what the holes are (Portfolio Strategies); Have strong id options and be playing around with how these look on business system (business card, letterhead); Be working on resume content; Have chosen special project and be researching form and content.
February 2: Final comps of identities / printed examples; three presenters; what next
What we are doing in class: individual meetings to look at ids, portfolio pieces, and talk about special project ideas.
Where you should be: Know where your portfolio is going—have chosen the pieces you are moving forward with and know what needs to be added; wrapping up ideas on ids and have it applied to business card, letterhead, and possibly thinking about promo pieces; have form and content of special project determined and be doing your research; have blog created and be posting research.
February 7: Free day
What we will be doing: I will be available for individual meetings in my office during class times. If you still need advice about your id, portfolio pieces, special projects, this is the time to come see me.
Where you should be: Finalizing your id and business system—we will look at finals next time; Continuing visual and content research for your special projects—some will present research and show sketches next time; Working on fixes to existing portfolio pieces.
February 9:
What we are doing in class: Present Final Identities to Class / Printed Business Cards and Letterhead with Resume; Some will present research/special projects ideas
Where you should be: Have your identities completed and ready for printing; Resume complete; All portfolio content chosen / know where holes are (all organized / have written info about it); Know what you special project is and what portfolio pieces need editing; Be thinking about portfolio format / box, photo, printing, etc.; Have done some research / conceptualizing for special project.
New Project / Portfolio Content
February 14: Present idea/rough for project
February 21: Check in on projects / ids / portfolios, etc.
February 23: Check in on projects / ids / portfolios, etc.
February 28: Where is everyone at? Check in on special projects. Any new research findings? Should have good rough of various materials.
March 1: Studio Day
March 6: Wrap up final edits to new project.
March 8: Rough final of New Project/printed and presented to class.
What next? Portfolios and what to prepare for next stage of development.
/ IDs final design + plan for resume and business cards to print.
/ Decide on format of portfolio. (Portfolio Strategies page)
/ Have all pieces finalized or a plan to finish by April 12.
/ Promo. pieces.
March 12-16 Spring Break
March 20: Presentation of portfolio and plan. Leave behind / Thank you cards / Promo pieces.
March 22: Shoot Studio Demo from 2-4 p.m. in Shoot Studio (thank you Kristen Pless!).
March 27: Have format of portfolio decided on and pages roughly designed—will discuss and show roughs of pages to in class.  Rough of promo. piece(s).
March 29: Studio Time. Gordon will be in Mpls. at a cool conference.
April 3: Business system + promo pieces final printed/presented. Finalizing portfolios for print.
April 5: Last look at portfolios before off to print. Discussion of the business of design.
April 10/12: Visiting designer, Bud Rodecker joining class on the 10th for half the time. Interviewing/Presentation of Portfolio—Expectations / Questions. Special Project due and presented in printed or final form on 12th.
April 17: Formal presentation of printed portfolios to class.
April 19: Visiting designer Brian Collins visits class half the time. Finish formal presentations of portfolios. Portfolio One on One this weekend. Plan for info. interview if you haven’t already.
April 24: Report back on experience from Portfolio 1 on 1. What needs to be finished/changed/added to portfolio. Plan for finalization. Begin process for online portfolios.
April 26: Online Portfolios. WordPress training. Choosing your host. Choosing your templates. Customization. Etc.
May 1 / 3: Working on online portfolios.
Finals Week: Final Presentation of all work / Celebration.
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