The Business of Design

What do you need to know as a recent graduate about the world of design? Much is constantly changing and much of it you’ll have to learn as you go, but I can give you a few things that might at least get you started on this new learning path.


The Creative Group
This is a great resource for many things about the job market and salary information. You can utilize the TCG in many ways to help you get a job. One thing you might be interested in is this salary guide that you can order as a book or download for free. It’s great information.

They also have this really interesting downloadable guide about what it’s like to be a creative today. Check it out.

Another great resource as you know. They team up with Aquent every year to create this Salary Survey.

Freelance Rates

The Freelance Switch seems like it could be a great resource for you if you are freelance. Check it out!

An older article from How Magazine, 2008, Designers’ Hourly Rates: Are You Charging Enough? but still good information.

One of the best resources I have found is the book, Graphic Artist’s Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines. Get it! The more resources you have, the better.

Working with Clients
AIGA also has some great resources here. Check out their guide Design Business and Ethics. and there Standard Form of Agreement for Design Services.

Working with Printing and Printers

The Designer’s Survival Guide
A great new resource find with lots of topics covered for you as you move on from here.

My design resources page has many links to a variety of things, but here you can find a list of paper companies with links.

Working Sustainably
Again, check out my  design resources page for links to graphic design sustainability resources. This can be a continuing resource for you as you go, as I will keep updating and reorganizing these links as I go.

Mail Standards

Who better to look to for standards, then the boss themselves…USPS Business Mail.

There are also books like Forms, Folds and Sizes that provide good info. for lots of things…The publication date is 2004, so it’s old, but some of that information will never change.

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