Step I—Senior Studio I

Potential Names of Business/Campaign
Naming is important. It’s what will provide you with creative visual ideas.

A Full Business/Product/Campaign Description
What does this do and/or why is it important. What does it look like, in words.

Positioning Statement



Tagline Options

You are in good hands with Allstate Allstate Insurance
We try harder Avis
Think different Apple
Just do it Nike
The art of performance Jaguar
Reach out and touch someone AT&T
Fly the friendly skies United Airlines
Don’t leave home without it American Express
The ultimate driving machine BMW (USA only)
Absolutely, positively overnight Fedex
The choice of a new generation Pepsi
We bring good things to life GE
Fresh Mex Chevy’s
It does a body good Milk Board
Leave the driving to us Greyhound
Snap, Crackle, Pop Kellogg’s Rice Krispies
We deliver for you US Postal Service
The happiest place on earth Disneyland
Innovation 3M
We love to see you smile McDonalds
The King of Beers Budweiser
The best part of wakin’ up Folgers
You will never roam alone Travelocity

Competition Information:
Show us what someone already doing this already looks like. Some of the competition may be direct or some may be indirect. (Use Bufalino)

Target Audience Profiles
Expand a description of the audience types. Who are they. What do they buy. How do they dress. Where do they shop. What do they listen to. etc.



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