text and typeface


1. I like the message this design gives off with the type. I am still able to read that the main text says “Im Still Here” even though the text is not fully printed. I get the feeling that the man is fading away but still wants to be heard. Since the text is not printed in full, I did take extra time to read the design fully.



2. This design is different because the word being shown is visible but the designer made it hard to read. The designer is using the opposite concept to catch the viewers attention. The concept of using opposites is not original when creating a design but it works for this design. The type is very squished together. Some of the letters like the S are flowy and created by hand. Whereas the V is very sharp and looks more like a manufactured type.



3. The typeface used in this design is all caps and worn out. The type looks branded into the background. The spacing in between each letter is even and reminds me of the typeface Impact on MS word. The overall structure of the typeface is good but I’m not sure what shoes has to do with the design.



4. This design is my favorite out of the 3 shown above. I like how the designer connected all the letters using the same material. (looks like a plastic hanger) I also like how the word comes starts by coming out of the page and ends by leaving the page like a bleed. I also like how the T has a slant/angle that matches with the letter E. Even though the letters are all connected I like that you can still clearly see each individual letter. I am curious to see what an entire alphabet would look like using this typeface.

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